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CNC Bender Software

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CNC Bender and CNC BenderLite software packages are Windows-based bender controllers. CNC Bender software is designed for large-diameter, high-volume applications. Most features available are present in every CNC Bender software package. CNC BenderLite is designed primarily for small-diameter low-cost applications, and more features are optional allowing for lower up-front license prices.

CNC Bender Videos

Robot Integration

Schneider Alliance Components

Both versions of CNC Bender connect to Schneider Alliance hardware modules (I2T Momentum control modules -, and Schneider TSX Momentum I/O modules - that are placed around the bender. The connection is made using standard Ethernet connection with a single cable into an Ethernet switch, which connects to the modules on the system.

Centralized Control - No PLC Devices Required

Advanced Tubular was one of the first OEM developers to use the concept of controlling all the modules from one Windows software package without the use of additional PLC units. This centralized approached decreases the complexity of the overall system, and allows for easy to backup of all critical files in seconds - which aids in excellent disaster recovery. For example, because of this approach, nearly any Windows computer in the office or shop can be used in an emergency to communicate with the modules on a bender in only a few minutes.

CNC Bender Technology Alliance

In 2000, the CNC Bender Technology Alliance between SMT Industries (Sidney, Ohio), and Advanced Tubular Technologies was formed in order to marry CNC Bender software to CNC bending machines for sale to the tube fabrication community. Since then, the Alliance has installed over 60 bending systems around the world. For more information about the CNC Bender Technology Alliance, please click here.


Easy User Setup

CNC Bender provides a tab-style menu system that is easy to follow and operate.

Manual Mode

Manual mode puts you in direct control of your bender, letting you control all moving axes of your bender.

Convert XYZ Coordinates to Bender Data

Enter the XYZ coordinates of your tube layout, and CNC Bender will create a new bender program.


Complete tooling setup including bend radii and interference points can be saved to tooling files or within each part file. The operator chooses if loading a new part overrides the current tooling setup.

Pre-Bending Options

CNC Bender's pre-bending page allows you to control pre-bending options like the load position, start position, cut length, stop to tangent length, start length, and end length.

Overall Bending Options

The Overall Bending Options page controls the options of CNC Bender that operate in every row of the bend data. For example, you can enable the mandrel cylinder here.

FRB Page

The FRB page allows you to control the feeds, rotations, and bends used to bend the correct tube shape. This page also contains a variety of interference avoidance features, and can also perform reverse calculations to centerline XYZ coordinates.

Post-Bending Options

CNC Bender's Post-Bending page allows you to control the release modes and unloader types and modes. CNC Bender can operate with standard robots, pneumatic unloaders, and conveyor belts.

Input/Output Setup

CNC Bender is designed to allow extreme flexibility in adding or removing I/O devices to the bender. For example, hoppers, loaders, robots, etc., are added to CNC Bender software through setup data referred to as Command Input Output objects (also known as CIO objects).

Measuring Centers

We supply bender communications software to many companies in the industry – so we are very familiar with what it takes to link our benders to measuring centers.

We can even link using WiFi (wireless) connections – sending your corrections through radio waves.

We can link to Romer/Cimcore, Sheffield , Eaton Leonard Laservision, Faro, Multi Systems, and other standard arms.

HTML Reporting

CNC Bender automatically builds real-time web pages that can be viewed with the standard Windows Explorer. Click here to view sample web pages that are built by each operator station in real-time.

Collision Avoidance

CNC Bender has built-in real-time collision avoidance logic that checks for collision positions for the Feed and Bend axes while the bender is running. The bender is stopped before any imminent collision, and CNC BENDER's speech message warns of what is referred to as a RANGE ERROR.

Safety Conditions

The logic in the CNC Bender system recognizes multiple conditions that warrant an automatic shutdown like LOW hydraulic pressure or hydraulic oil overtemperature.

Speech Messages

Our controls also give speech messages during certain conditions or events on the bender. For example, if an operator steps on the safety mat, the control announces that "All Axes Disabled." This allows everyone to know, without looking at the operator station display, that the bender is in its safe mode.

Click here to hear the "All Axes Enabled" speech message. This message is played when the bender axes are enabled and ready to move.

Click here to hear the "Warning - Range Error Encounter" speech message. This message is played when the bender is instructed to move beyond any of its current safety limits.

Diagnostic Tools

CNC Bender has tools that allow you to check the function of actuators all over the bender – all from the operator station.


Setting up a backup computer that runs your bender takes only about 15 minutes. Almost any Windows-based PC will work – desktop or laptop!