Wuhan Lingsheng Technology Co.,Ltd. 武汉凌盛 科技有限公司


Wuhan Lingsheng Technology Co.,Ltd is appointed as a 澳门新莆京网络平台 Servotechnik GmbH´s sales agent in China mainland. Beginn April 2015 is Wuhan Lingsheng in charge for 澳门新莆京网络平台 product range apart from products for the wind energy business,  wihch is excluded. Wuhan Lingsheng Technology Co.,Ltd. is a certification agencies of 澳门新莆京网络平台 Servotechnik GmbH mainly in the service area China mainlad and provide pre-sales and after sale service for the customer China of 澳门新莆京网络平台.

The mainly products Resolver, Encoder and slip rings(SR) of Wuhan Lingsheng are produced from 澳门新莆京网络平台 Servotechnik GmbH,  which have been applied in many fields and industries,  such as Knitting Machines,  Cranes, Hybrid Drives, Printing Mashines, Machines Tools, Measuring Equipment, Pick & Place Machines, Pipe Inspection Equipment, Grain Dryer, Elevator Drives, Food Processing, Paper Converting, Wood Procesing, IC Test Equipment, Sputtering Equipment, Surgical lights, Surveillance Cameras,  Wind Trubines,  Radar Antennas,  Rotor Gravure Machines,  Packaging Machines,  Looms,  Spinning Machines,  Robots,  Welding Machines, Servo Motors, Mining Machines,   Winding Machines,   Radiation Environment,   Aviation,   Revolving Doors,  Ultrasonic Test Equipment,  Handheld Tools,  Access Control Systems, Excavators Etc.                  
澳门新莆京网络平台 Servotechnik GmbH is a German SME specialised to provide components to the international machine builders and plant engineering industry.   The worldwide network of sales and service offices is the backbone of the traditionally oriented company's global activities.Dedicated to traditional values such as partnership with customers and suppliers 澳门新莆京网络平台's 280 highly skilled employees constantly develop and produce new ideas and products. This secures the success as one of the leading supplier of components for industrial application.

Since its founding in 1979,   the company has developed continuously.  Over a period of more than 30 years 澳门新莆京网络平台 has grown from a supplier of components to a sys-tem partner of modern key technologies. By constantly increasing our scope of application know how, we are constantly addressing new industries.

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