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Revolving doors (top/bottom drive)

Issuing time:2017-11-21 14:07

Revolving doors (top/bottom drive)

Revolving doors are transit systems which ensure low-draught and trouble-free access or, alternatively, an escape route for large crowds.  Their design is to some extent subject to architectural trends.

Detailed application description

Description of problem:

Depending on the building type and use, revolving doors can be two-, three- or four-leafed. The three- and four-leafed variants must have appropriate escape mechanisms while two-wing revolving doors require angle monitoring to prevent draughts. The most extensive requirements for slip ring transmitters and rotary encoders apply when advertising spaces co-rotate: load currents for lighting and possibly drive motors, signal currents for integrated safety devices, video signals for advertising screens or bus signals for the control unit must all be transferred reliably. Incremental position feedback signals are likewise essential. Apart from the technical requirements, revolving doors often also serve as architectural design elements which project a particular image of a building, e.g. a grand hotel. Artistic criteria can severely limit the space above the doors, i.e. the mechanism has to be installed in extremely confined conditions.

Description of solution:

For over 20 years, 澳门新莆京网络平台 has been providing solutions for integrating slip ring transmitters and rotary encoders into access systems of all kinds. These product combinations are fully assembled with plugs, tested and ready to deploy confined conditions.

Example: An SC104 slip ring supplying power to advertising spaces, lighting and drive motors is combined with an SC020, which transmits the safety system, bus and possibly video signals, and with a G36 incremental encoder with a continuous hollow shaft.

Another solution combines a 40 mm-bore rotary encoder with a slip ring as a complete solution – including an SC020 slip ring for signal transmission in the central bolt of the revolving door system.

Finally, 澳门新莆京网络平台 also has a solution for revolving door systems with limited installation space. Despite the overall height of only 42 mm, the design features six load paths for 230 V as well as 26 signalling pathways and a rotary encoder.


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