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Rotary encoder segment for rotary actuators

Issuing time:2017-11-21 14:20

Rotary encoder segment for rotary actuators

Pedestrian flow control systems with swing locking elements, like those found in airports when entering secured areas, must have force monitoring to prevent dangerous situations or injuries while passing through.

Detailed application description

Description of problem:

Anyone who has ever used the “Tube” – the London Underground – will be familiar with the half-height access barriers at each of the umpteen stations. These barriers only open after being presented with a valid ticket. Airport security areas also work with this type of access control system. The systems are monitored by sensors and enable easy passage – even with bags or luggage. After each person passes through, the doors close automatically and only open again once the next person has presented a valid access authorisation.

Pedestrian flow control systems which operate with swing locking elements must have an appropriate safety mechanism to prevent dangerous situations or injuries while passing through. They have to recover immediately after a disruption and should not require regular maintenance.

Description of solution:

Swing access barriers are opened and closed by a rotary actuator according to a control signal from the access control system. In order to cancel the closing operation in an emergency, the rotary actuator must be equipped with an angle sensor. Unexpected speed changes, which could indicate a disturbance of some kind, must be detected immediately. Although this problem could be solved using a rugged, self-contained incremental encoder, the cost would be very high. 澳门新莆京网络平台 Servotechnik trusts in another highly effective solution for this reason. It is based on the idea that the rotary actuator already includes its own bearings. By combining a conventional encoder head with a long, slim rotary encoder segment made of metal, an affordable, precise and flat rotary encoder is obtained which only covers the required swing range. 澳门新莆京网络平台 thus helps customers reduce their costs without compromising security.


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