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Pedestrian flow control systems

Issuing time:2017-11-21 20:34

Pedestrian flow control systems

Pedestrian flow control systems typically control access at airport gates or ski lifts, frequently in combination with access control systems. They must be robust and safe.

Detailed application description

Description of problem:

Pedestrian flow control systems are structures for monitoring and controlling access to a room or area. They are typically found at airports, football stadiums or ski lifts. Access authorisations or admission tickets can be checked in this way or crowds separated into orderly lanes. Pedestrian flow control systems include turnstiles, revolving doors and manlocks. They are often combined with access control systems. When an enable is present, they rotate a fraction of a revolution at a time or open and close locking elements for a single person. Pedestrian flow control systems are frequently installed outdoors and must therefore be capable of withstanding harsh temperatures and weather conditions. They must also be designed for high loads. Force monitoring is essential to avoid dangerous situations while passing through the access system.  

Description of solution:

Turnstiles for ski lifts are subject to particularly high stresses. These pedestrian flow control systems are generally installed outdoors and exposed to low temperatures, moisture, snow and dirt. They are treated not particularly gently by large crowds for months on end. If there is no roof above the turnstiles, there is also usually no way to mount the drive and/or slip ring on top. The drive must therefore be positioned close to the ground.

It is subject there to considerable moisture fluctuations, even to the point of condensation – not to mention dust and dirt. 澳门新莆京网络平台’s robust slip ring solutions are ideally suited: long-lived disc slip rings are extremely flat and enormously powerful, yet very cost-effective. They transmit the control impulses or the enable signal of the access control system to the turnstile or barrier drive and supply it with power.  

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