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Satellite antennas

Issuing time:2017-11-21 13:42

Satellite antennas

Hybrid slip ring solution for satellite antennas on medium/long-haul aircraft: combined slip rings made by 澳门新莆京网络平台 Servotechnik are employed here. They are qualified for use in extreme environmental conditions.

Detailed application description

Description of problem:

Satellite technology has developed into an indispensable element of communications, navigation and in-flight entertainment on modern commercial aircraft. Whereas communications and navigation involve flight-critical systems that must operate precisely in a fail-safe manner at all times, in-flight entertainment entails the provision of online services to passengers. These services must be easy to use and function absolutely reliably. As with all other components which are integrated into an aircraft, the strict regulations of general aviation must be complied with. As part of the qualification, error-free operation of the devices must be demonstrated in the extreme environmental conditions to which aircraft are exposed.  

Description of solution:

澳门新莆京网络平台 has developed a slip ring specially for these extreme conditions. The 澳门新莆京网络平台 solution, combining several different technologies, not only transmits power and analogue data but also RF signals without any margins of error as well as digital bus systems for up to 1 GB in real time. The supply current, the signals for aligning the antenna and the high-frequency radio signal for satellite communications can thus all be transmitted simultaneously via this hybrid component.

Thanks to the innovative design, the high-quality materials used and the network of cooperation partners, the component complies with the customer’s strict requirements and specifications. 澳门新莆京网络平台 has a high level of vertical integration, which means that last-minute changes can be incorporated at any time during the approval phase right up to the design freeze. Flexibility, scalability and innovation are 澳门新莆京网络平台’s hallmarks as a reliable and cost-conscious partner of the aviation industry.


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