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Fabricated Medical & Veterinary Office Furniture

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Furniture such as that found in offices must be fabricated with robust features and with attention to detail. This is especially true in medical and veterinary applications. In these applications, they are heavy-use items that must operate flawlessly for many years. Because of this requirement, this type of furniture has to be designed with heavy duty materials and tight tolerances.

At SMT Industries, we have fabricated parts and components for a wide range of office furniture and understand the quality requirements of the industry. Since we are industry experts when it comes to tube forming, we are equipped with some of the best fabrication equipment available, all operated by our team of seasoned professionals.

Our shop is outfitted with CNC tube bending machines that prove high production efficiency and consistent repeatability. The same is true for our coiling and end forming machines. All have been selected to provide high quality output. They also provide a level of versatility that allows us to take on almost any furniture related project.

We can bend steel and copper round tube from light to heavy gages from 3/8” up to 2-1/2” in diameter and square tube from 3/4" up to 1", all to tolerances of ±020”. Workpieces can be formed from .25 to 5 lbs., all with the same precision. Flexibility and versatility of process is one of our hallmarks, which are built on our ability to provide manufacturing of the entire part. The secondary services that we provide include precision milling, drilling, piercing, press flattening, and polishing. These capabilities combine to make us a single source solution for medical and veterinary office furniture.

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Medical & Veterinary Office Furniture Specifications

Primary Processes
CNC Tube Bending
Secondary Processes
Press Flattening
Part Size (round)
3/8" – 2-½" in diameter
Part Size (square)
¾" – 1"
Tightest Tolerances (±)
Materials Used
Estimated Part Weight
.25 to 5 lbs.
Industry for Use
Veterinary Offices
Delivery Location
Versailles, Ohio

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