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Remanufacturing of Large CNC Tube Bending Machinery for the Heavy Truck Exhaust Industry

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At SMT Industries Incorporated, we are well-known for our innovative, high quality tube fabrication machinery. Our expertise in this area makes us a sought-after resource when companies need the latest tube fabrication technology, exemplified in the project highlighted here. A manufacturer of heavy truck exhaust systems was using old equipment for tube-bending, which resulted in a number of difficulties. Their labor costs were high, and the age and condition of their equipment was contributing to a high level of downtime. In addition, their old machinery lent itself to poor quality and inventory control difficulties. A solution was needed in order to solve their existing machinery problems and position themselves for more efficient and profitable operations in the future.

Our team of experts determined that this customer needed CNC capabilities in order to solve their existing problems and better compete in today’s marketplace. We were able to remanufacture their large diameter tube bending equipment into a precision CNC tube bending system. We fully designed, built, and installed automatic mechanisms to modernize this equipment. State-of-the-art industrial electronics and Windows PC controls were developed and installed. This CNC tube bender has many special features and benefits. We developed a swing away wiper die position device which allows the machine to easily move tooling in and out of interference zones. This CNC system also features closed loop auto correction, which allows the bending machine to automatically correct when it encounters out of tolerance conditions. The completed CNC tube bending system can bend steel and aluminized tubing in overall diameters ranging from Ø 3” – 6”. Full functionality testing was performed to ensure peak performance. When we started working with this client, they had no CNC equipment or advanced manufacturing systems. Over the past 10 years, we have provided them with 15 machines, which have thoroughly modernized their operations. The result has been dramatically improved output, reliability, and repeatability.

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CNC Tube Bending Machine Remanufacturing Specifications

Project Name & Description
Large Diameter CNC Tube Bending Machine
  • This CNC machine is used to bend large diameter exhaust pipe for large heavy duty trucks.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Custom Design
  • New Mechanisms.
  • Developed Unique Windows Controls.
  • Newly Designed Components
System Integration
  • Machine
  • Electronics
  • Windows PC Controls
On-Site Training
Special Features/Benefits
Swing Away Wiper Die Positioning Device
Developed a new capability allowing machine to move tooling in and out of interference zones
Closed Loop Auto Correction
Integrated the control system to computerized measurement system allowing bending machine to automatically correct for out of tolerance conditions
Allows User to Eliminate Secondary Trim Process
Reduces Material Usage
Product Processed
OD of Bended Tubing: Ø 3” – 6”
Material Bent
Steel and Aluminized Steel Tubing
Industry for Use
Heavy Truck Exhaust
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Functionality Testing
Delivery/Turnaround Time
16 Weeks
Delivery Location
Toledo, Ohio
Standards Met
Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing

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